Everyone has to start their vaping journey somewhere, and if you’re a vaping newbie, there may be some mistakes you’ve already unwittingly made, or are about to make. But don’t worry, the information in this article should help you enjoy a painless and smooth vaping journey, puff after puff, after puff!

From filling up your tank too much, to not replacing the coil when needed, there are a few ways in which you can spoil your vaping experience, and 7 of the most common errors are listed below: 

  • Overfilling the tank

Altering the taste of your vape v2 Pods, overfilling the devices liquid tank can also impact its performance, so try to make sure your tank is filled only as high as the indicator level. 

  • Not waiting long enough after refilling and recoiling

The bitter taste you get when your vaping device is running low on liquid, is enough to tell you that its time to replace the coil. But when you do so, it’s important to wait for a few minutes after refilling the tank, otherwise you may still get a nasty acrid taste in your mouth. 

  • Not using the right coil

The right coil for your chosen device and liking is essential, and you should take the time to find out which ohm works best for you (the electrical resistance of your device).

  • Damaging your pod kit

While they are sturdy, like most things, vaping devices have their limits and so think twice before carrying yours in a bag or your pocket, where it may be likely to break.

  • Failing to keep it clean

A clean vaping device is one that performs better and leaves you with a more fulfilling flavour profile. One way of ensuring you get the most out of your e-liquid is to keep the tank clean between changes; failure to do so will likely result in a combination of flavours you may not find palatable. One way of doing so is to take out the coil, and rinse the tank off in warm, soapy water before drying it off thoroughly and popping it back in. 

Ultimately, the cleaner you keep your vaping device, the more you’ll get out of it, and cleaning the tank takes but a couple of minutes to do. 

  • Overusing the coil

There are so many coils to choose from that replacing yours should never be a hassle. Not replacing it when needed will simply mean that you get a mouth full of bitterness, and the sensation on your throat won’t be pleasant either. 

  • Using the wrong e-liquids

When using your OXVA Xlim V2 Pod, take care to use the right e-liquids to match your device, and if you’re not sure, simply ask when purchasing your next liquid in a local vape shop, or online. 

Most of the mistakes you can make when vaping are relatively painless, but if you want to enjoy the best vaping experience (and why wouldn’t you?), it pays to heed the warnings above and to take good care of your vaping device.


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