How to play scratch card makes quite a lot of gamblers curious. If you are not familiar with the rules and regulations of this game, let’s find out through the article. Experts of 789BET will give newbies a lot of useful tips that should not be missed.

Overview of scratch cards at the house 789Bet

Scratch is a simple game that has been around for a long time and is available in most traditional and online casinos. This game is attractive for the first time.

In addition, this is also considered a game of chance. Bettors do not need to calculate, the game is too complicated. Instead, you can enjoy card games.

 how to play scratch card in789bet bookie Not much has changed compared to the traditional form of entertainment. Even beginners can easily master the game after only a short time of learning.

 how to play scratch card s at 789bet is simple

Simple explanation of the rules of scratch cards for beginners

Before learning about how to play scratch card  effectively, players need to firmly grasp the rules of this game. In general, the rules of the card game are not too complicated.

A typical scratch card game will have 2 – 6 participants. And each player will be dealt 3 cards. Then you will need to score the cards in your hand according to the principle:

  • The Ace in the scratch card is equivalent to 1 point.
  • Cards 2 – 10 have the same value as the number appearing on the card.
  • The first card J, Q, K will be converted to 10 points.

When calculating the total of scratch cards, the player will add value 3 cards together. The lowest point according to the convention of all bookmakers is 0, the highest is 9. If the result is a two-digit number, the player can only take the unit row.

In addition to calculating the number of points, players also compare the ways of ranking cards. Here are the most common types of scratch cards:

  • Three scratch cards consisting of 3 cards J, Q, K regardless of color and suit: The player will immediately win the bet without having to compare points with the opponent.
  • Wax consists of 3 cards of the same value, such as 3 spades, 3 cloves, 3 cards. The size of wax increases gradually from 2 – A.
  • A tie is a way of arranging 3 cards in a row, for example 3, 4, 5.

Based on how to play the scratch card game, when comparing, the person with 3 scratchers will win without having to compare. If there is no white winner bet, the advantage will go to Wap, then to Lieng, Wap, 9 points, 8 points, …

 how to play scratch card s based on the arrangement of cards

 how to play scratch card s properly at 789Bet

After grasping the important rule, it’s time for you to find it how to play scratch card . A standard bet at 789Bet will take place in the following order:

  • Players bet a certain amount at the beginning of the hand. After completing this step, the dealer will deal 3 cards to each player.
  • Players will look at 3 cards received and choose 1 of 3 actions: Hand, follow or face down. In which, the factor is to increase the bet level, followed by an additional bet compared to the previous player and face down to withdraw.

After choosing to face, follow or face, you and the other player will turn the cards over. The scoring rules introduced above will apply. Win or lose will be decided in just a few minutes.

How to play simple scratch card

Share your experience to play scratch cards effectively

As can be seen, the way to play the scratch card game is relatively simple. Some bettors even think that this game depends a lot on luck.

However, in fact, you can completely master the game if you know how to play scratch card effective. And here are some notes and tips that bettors should try to apply to achieve the desired success.

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Keep your mind at ease in every scratch game

Even if you apply the most effective way of playing scratch card games, it is difficult for you to win bets if you do not have a strong mentality. There have been many cases recorded that players are too proud or too pessimistic to receive bitter fruits.

Remember, in all cases, you need to keep a calm mind and a clear head. Only then, players can control the progress and maximize the effectiveness of every game how to play scratch cards.

Prepare a stable capital to be ready to participate in all bets

The more capital you reserve, the more you have the opportunity to experiment how to play scratch card  different. However, preparing abundant bets is not enough. Bettors also need to have an effective spending plan to minimize risks.

Firmly grasp the rules of the house 789Bet

General, how to play scratch card  at 789Bet is not much different from the traditional method. However, this bookie has some additional rules and separate notes.

To avoid unfortunate mistakes, you should carefully read all the rules about the house’s scratch cards. Players should also observe the opponent to learn how to play and not make unnecessary mistakes.

It is recommended to start with a low bet when you first join the scratch card

When you first start playing scratch cards, you should not invest all your bets. Instead, start small so you don’t feel a lot of pressure.

In addition, you should also pay attention to limit all hands to avoid the opponent guessing the intention. how to play scratch card  The most effective is the trickle element to earn money quickly.

Low bets are an effective way to play scratch cards


The article has provided the most important information about how to play scratch card . Hopefully all bettors can successfully apply the instructions and share experiences above. Wish you always win the desired reward when entertaining at the 789bet house. 


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