Cans for spray paint, also known as aerosol cans, cannot be recycled. They are intended to be used up until the time that the paint inside runs out, after which they are either thrown away or recycled. That does not preclude the use of paint in some spray cans, though. Finding one that can be reused is the key. These cans function in the same way as single-use spray cans, but they can be filled again with paint after they run out.

Making your own personalized spray paint is simple and yields some unique effects. Perhaps they don’t carry the precise color you’re looking for, or perhaps you simply need to find a use for all the old, nearly empty paint cans you’ve got stashed away in your garage. It’s time to make your own spray paint, using them to good use.

Steps To Follow For Putting Paint in Aerosol Cans

A product called spray paint is an aerosol that is made to be released as a fine mist. Painting with a spray gun is quicker and more uniform than painting with a brush traditionally. Commercial spray paints are contained aerosol cans that atomize the paint using liquefied gases, as opposed to industrial spray painting, which uses specialized air compressors to break the paint particles into a fine mist.

Step 1

Purchase a reusable spray bottle. Automobile shops, hobby stores, and online retailers all carry them.

Step 2

Open the spray can by unscrewing the cap. Some types have a hand screw, while others have a bolt head that requires the use of the appropriate size wrench to unscrew.

Step 3

Add the paint in a pour. Depending on the aerosol can, add a different amount. Fill it halfway to determine the paint’s durability when using a can for the first time.

Step 4

Incorporate a new screw-on cover.

Step 5

An air compressor should be connected to the spray can’s air compressor nozzle. The pressure inside most cans ranges from about 100 pounds per square inch to more or less, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Step 6

Like you would with any spray can dispense paint from the container. Many reusable spray cans have various nozzle heads to provide various spray patterns.

The best option for your application should be selected. A bleed valve on the spray can’s top should be used to first release internal pressure before adding paint. Add more paint after unscrewing the top.


Almost all spray cans have a 200 pounds per square inch maximum pressure rating, but to be safe, never fill a reusable spray can with more than 150 pounds per square inch of pressure. According to the recommendations of the manufacturer, each aerosol can has a maximum pressure rating. Never, under any circumstances, go above that rating.

Bottom LineĀ 

That empty can of spray paint that was perfect in every way need not be thrown away. Instead, you can transfer paint from another paint can to the empty paint can to refill it. Use the steps mentioned above to quickly and easily put paint in an aerosol can. You can create your own spray paint by using some commonly discarded items and the spray mechanism found in standard spray cans.


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