Now that you are engaged, you are probably already dreading the wedding planning process following the many dreadful stories that you have heard. But, who said that wedding planning should be complicated and overwhelming? With a good strategy in place, you can streamline your wedding planning process to have an easy time. The last thing you need is more stress on top of what you already have in your daily life. Here are a few tips to simplify your wedding planning process.

Leverage online planning tools

Technology has simplified everyday tasks, and your wedding preparations shouldn’t be an exception. Use digital tools to make your wedding planning bliss and also save money while at it. For starters, creating a website for your wedding comes in handy. Use it to provide answers to wedding questions and to receive and manage your RVSPs online. 

Consider also using email for all your communications. You can create a new email address for the wedding where all communication happens. This ensures a quick way to communicate with vendors while ensuring that wedding-related emails don’t get buried in your busy inbox.

 In addition, take advantage of online tools such as budget trackers, checklists, seating chart creators and guest list organizers to simplify various tasks. With everything online, it becomes easy to collaborate with your future spouse so that you are working on the same page.

Create a comprehensive checklist

Taking the planning process without a plan can get confusing. Create a checklist that details all the tasks that need to be done to make your wedding successful. In addition, break it down into smaller bite-size tasks and create timelines for each of them. This makes it less overwhelming, allowing you to enjoy every step as you tick off tasks on the checklist.

Focus on what is important

Sweating every little detail of the wedding can cause you to stress and waste your precious time and money. The secret is to focus on what is important and be ready to compromise on the rest. Sit down with your fiancé and decide the top aspects that matter to you. Is it the venue and the food, or is it décor and photography? Deciding on your priorities helps you rally your efforts on what matters and relax on the other details.

Simplify things

Overcomplicating things only makes your planning more overwhelming than necessary. Look at aspects where you can just simplify and run with them. For instance, choosing to do the wedding and the reception at the same venue eliminates the stress of booking two venues, dealing with more vendors, and sweating transportation for the guests.

Another area that you can simplify is the décor. Consider choosing a venue that looks great without too much décor such as an outside venue. You can also consider using decorations that can be repurposed from the ceremony to the reception.

In addition, simplify the cleaning process by using stylish bulk wedding single-use plates for the tableware. Besides adding elegance, they offer so much convenience and make it easy to clean afterward.

Create a short guest list

A shorter guest list comes with less work, a lower budget, and less drama. If you want to reduce the number of questions that are sometimes annoying or want to avoid unnecessary conflicts, invite fewer people to your wedding. Keep your guest list at a level that you can easily manage.

The same goes for complicated traditions that don’t add meaning to the two of you. If an aspect is proving too hard to accommodate, consider skipping it altogether.

Delegate tasks 

Yes, it is your wedding day and you want everything to be perfect. However, doing everything alone can get overwhelming faster than you know. Consider delegating tasks to people that you trust to reduce your workload. If you can, consider hiring a wedding planner to coordinate everything for you. This way, you don’t have to stress over the smallest details.

Do things with limitation

The last thing you want is to overwhelm yourself with too many opinions, options, and ideas. To simplify your decision-making process, have a limit on asking about different opinions and browsing wedding ideas. Settle on what you want and stick to it from the word go. In addition, limit the number of meetings that you have with your spouse-to-be to discuss the wedding. Keeping the meetings once a week can do great for your sanity and relationship too.


Your wedding planning process doesn’t have to be overwhelming even with so much to think about. You can find ways to make things simple to reduce stress and complete the process relaxed ready to enjoy your big day and marriage. Make use of online planning tools and keep everything simple. Also, learn to prioritize, delegate and do things with limitations.


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