Owners who want to have the safest option when shipping their car from one place to another may think of an enclosed carrier that will take care of their needs. If you need to transfer your boat, motorcycle, luxury vehicle, or ATV, then this is something that you need to know about.

Companies are now able to cater secure options, such as with the enclosed container that won’t leave your vehicle exposed to bad weather and other road debris. You can reduce damage to the paintwork and exterior of your vehicle, and protect it from inclement weather. However, these types of services generally come with higher bills and more expensive insurance policies.

Those with low ground clearance can also benefit from these transport alternatives, as well as those who can’t fit in an open-air truck. With an enclosed auto transport company, you can get different spaces that will fit with your requirements so you’ll have peace of mind.

How Does this Process Work?

Trailers may have soft or hard-sided walls, but they can be composed of hotshots that are single-tiered. They can work on two or three automobiles at the same time while larger ones that are encased by hard walls can cater to around six shipments. Meanwhile, soft-covered ones can transport eight cars simultaneously, and other oversized trucks are meant for those with more unique measurements.

However, you’ll have less flexibility with their schedules since only a few people are willing to spend more with these shipping services. You have to adhere to the dates or you’ll be left out by the carriers because the drivers are operating on tight schedules.

Average Costs to Know About

As mentioned, you’re going to find them more costly than the standard methods of open trailers. They are often recommended and marketed as a white glove or premium service because most cars in these shipments are going to require special treatments. You’ll find them to be 50% to 60% more expensive than the open-air types. Since the trailers were not designed to carry a lot of cars on a single trip, the owners are also expected to cover the costs of the gas and it’s going to be more expensive in general.

Research the price differences on various sites to compare the open and the closed transport costs. They also have typical distances for a regular car where you can get a range of $944 to $1179 for the open types and $1650 to $2061 for the enclosed ones.

Individuals may find that the enclosed type is well worth it, especially if you own an antique, luxury, or classic vehicle. Other transport companies may even allow you to have around 100 pounds of personal stuff that can be included in the trunk, but this practice is highly discouraged because you’re risking losing your items along the way.

Factors to Look for in a Company

Rely on objective data to get accurate information and call different companies to get quotes. Provide information like the car make, model, year, size, location, time, and other factors that will help you get a price that’s tailored to your situation. Dozens of companies can provide you with different charges, and they may depend on how far you’re going to ship your automobile, the time of the year, and if the availability of their drivers on the road. See more about the history of automobiles on this page.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay more than the current market prices out there because you can always take advantage of the discounted rates that are available to new customers. Locked-in pricing is often preferred so you don’t receive any surprises down the road. A variety of services that will more likely meet your needs are most certainly welcome, including insurance coverage. GPS tracking, overall customer satisfaction, responsiveness, helpfulness to your inquiries, and their overall reputation are also a must.

Why Rely on the Experts?

Save a Lot of Time

It simply takes time to drive the vehicle across the country, especially if you’re gunning for long-distance trips. With the shippers, you’ll be able to move your car within weeks while taking a flight to the next destination, which saves you a lot of hours and days. You won’t also need to take a day off with your job and not risk a loss of wages. See more about a long car trip at this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Prepare-for-a-Long-Car-Trip.

Avoid Expensive Insurance

Insurers don’t necessarily like long trips because there’s the potential for breakdowns and collisions that can cost them additional money. However, when you have pre-arranged transportation logistics, you’ll be able to have cheaper premiums, and the auto transport company will take care of the rest. You won’t also need to risk encountering incidents along the way or the possibility of crashing.

Allows you to Relocate Several Automobiles

Companies can cater to multiple cars all at once, and this allows you to transport all of your assets during a major relocation. They’ll remain safe, and you’ll have a chance to get discounts on bulk purchases if they are available.


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